Introducing New Design And Performance Points For Photovoltaic Water Pumping Systems Based On Long-Term Field Data Analysis



Three years field data analysis for eight systems installed in Jordan is used to determine and investigate photovoltaic (PV), subsystems and system efficiencies of PV water pumping systems. For these three parameters, it is found that all systems inhibit unique trend with insolation. New performance points are determined, defined, and illustrated in this work to determine the effect of insolation on system performance and to use them in system design and optimization process. These points clearly indicate system performance, accuracy of its design, influence of external parameters on system operation and the need for further optimizations. These points can be used to find out the most optimum PV array size which eventually results in better economic feasibility of the whole system

  • Client
    Jordan University, GIZ
  • Budget
  • Duration
    One year

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