Project Management

Our expertise in project management spans across diverse sectors, including construction, green economy, climate change, solar energy…etc.. At GEGA, we specialize in efficiently overseeing projects from inception to completion, ensuring seamless execution and optimal outcomes.

In the realm of construction, we excel in managing complex projects, coordinating timelines, budgets, and resources to deliver exceptional results. Our team's proficiency extends to overseeing various construction projects, ranging from residential developments to large-scale infrastructure initiatives.

In the domain of green economy, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices and facilitating environmentally friendly projects. From renewable energy initiatives to eco-friendly building designs, we leverage our project management expertise to drive positive environmental impact while meeting our clients' objectives.

Addressing the pressing challenges of climate change, we spearhead projects aimed at mitigating environmental risks and fostering resilience. Through strategic planning and meticulous execution, we navigate the complexities of climate-related initiatives, ensuring effective adaptation strategies and sustainable solutions.

In the field of solar energy, we play a pivotal role in managing solar power projects, from site assessment and feasibility studies to installation and maintenance. Our comprehensive approach to project management ensures that solar energy initiatives are implemented seamlessly, contributing to the transition towards clean and renewable energy sources.

With a diverse portfolio and a commitment to excellence, GEGA stands as a trusted partner in project management across multiple sectors. We leverage our expertise, innovation, and dedication to deliver impactful projects that meet the evolving needs of our clients and communities alike.

Key Services:

·       Comprehensive Project Management: Our team assumes the overarching responsibility of managing projects from inception to completion. We meticulously oversee all project facets, encompassing planning, scheduling, budgeting, and resource allocation.

·       Contract Management and Administration: We effectively manage contractual relationships among the municipality, consultant office, and contractors. Our team ensures adherence to contract terms and conditions while adeptly addressing any disputes or claims that may arise.

·       Quality Assurance and Control: We implement robust quality assurance and control processes to monitor and evaluate project deliverables, ensuring they meet the required quality standards. Through regular inspections, audits, and quality control checks, we identify and address any deviations or deficiencies to maintain the highest level of quality throughout the project lifecycle.

·       Risk Plan and Mitigation: Our proactive approach to risk management involves identifying and mitigating potential project risks. We devise strategic risk management plans to minimize the likelihood of issues impacting project success.

·       Scope Management: We meticulously define, manage, and control project scope to ensure that deliverables align with stakeholders' expectations and project objectives. Our proactive approach to scope management helps prevent scope creep and ensures project requirements are met within agreed-upon parameters.

·       Procurement Management: Our team handles all aspects of procurement, from vendor selection and contract negotiation to vendor performance management. We strive to secure the best value for our clients while maintaining high standards of quality and compliance with procurement policies and regulations.

·       Communication and Coordination: Acting as the primary liaison between the municipality, consultant office, and contractors, we facilitate seamless communication and coordination. Our aim is to ensure alignment with project objectives and foster effective stakeholder engagement.

·       Budget and Schedule Oversight: We diligently monitor project progress vis-a-vis approved budgets and schedules. Any deviations are promptly identified, allowing us to implement corrective measures to keep projects on track and within budget.

·       Documentation and Reporting: Our firm maintains meticulous project documentation, encompassing contracts, schedules, budgets, and correspondence. We provide regular progress reports to the municipality, ensuring transparency and keeping stakeholders informed of significant project developments.

·       Schedule Optimization: Utilizing advanced scheduling techniques and tools, we optimize project schedules to maximize efficiency and minimize project duration. Our team carefully sequences project activities, identifies critical path tasks, and proactively manages schedule risks to ensure timely project completion.

·       Resource Optimization: We employ effective resource optimization strategies to maximize the utilization of personnel, equipment, and materials, minimizing waste and inefficiencies. By aligning resource allocation with project priorities and objectives, we optimize productivity and enhance project performance.

·       Environmental and Sustainability Management: We integrate environmental considerations and sustainability principles into project planning and execution, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and promoting sustainable practices. Our commitment to environmental stewardship helps minimize the project's ecological footprint and enhance its long-term sustainability.

·       Change Control Management: Our robust change control management processes facilitate the evaluation, approval, and implementation of proposed changes while minimizing disruption to project scope, schedule, and budget. We ensure that all changes are thoroughly assessed, documented, and communicated to stakeholders to maintain project integrity and alignment with objectives.

·       Knowledge Transfer and Training: As part of our project management services, we provide knowledge transfer and training sessions to ensure that project stakeholders have the necessary skills and knowledge to support project objectives effectively. By empowering stakeholders with the right tools and expertise, we enhance project collaboration and success.

·       Post-Project Evaluation and Lessons Learned: After project completion, we conduct comprehensive evaluations and capture lessons learned to identify successes, challenges, and opportunities for improvement. By leveraging insights from past projects, we continuously refine our project management processes and enhance our ability to deliver exceptional results.

Specific contractual duties for a sample project:

1. Hold regular project control and progress meetings with the EPC contractor which may include:

·           Logistic/organizational meetings to review the proposed staffing from the EPC contractor and its sub-contractors, review the main components delivery plan at the Site (above all during construction activities in adjacent sites and/or in view of possible delays in shipment of components);

·           Technical meetings to discuss unexpected issues encountered during the construction;

·           Site progress/review meetings;

·           QHSE meetings;

·           Meetings during commissioning and Provisional Acceptance tests; and

·           Other meetings at the Site and/or at the DNV GL office in Dubai as required by the

·           Customer.

·           Interact with insurance advisor

2. Reviewing the design and documentation provided by the EPC contractor, commenting on technical aspects of the design including but not limited to the suitability, quality and fitness for purpose of the works proposed by such design and documentation;

3. Inspecting the quality and specification of items delivered to site, as far as reasonable, prior to their installation;

4. Review the EPC contractor’s proposed project management system and monitor its

correct application;

5. Ensure that the Environmental and Social Management Plan (“ESMP”) and IFC performance standards from PS1-PS4 are correctly implemented and maintained during the construction, commissioning and operation (for the first two years) of the Project. The subcontractor shall review the system adopted by the EPC contractor to keep track of the actions undertaken to comply with the ESMP and any possible deviation from the requirements of the plan;

6. Review the working practices adopted by the EPC contractor and its sub-contractors,

including how the works from different teams are organized and harmonized to ensure the achievement of the requested level of quality, health and safety;

7. Assist the Project Owner providing technical support in analyzing and verifying claims of the EPC contractor or insurance claims. The technical support can include review of technical report or drawings from the EPC contractor and meetings with the Customer and EPC contractor

Specific duties with respect to civil works:

·           Provide all the necessary on-site project supervision and monitoring;

·           Monitor the setting out of the site foundations and all other civil works to ensure compliance with the EPC contract, project consents and other technical requirements applicable;

·           Review and monitor the execution of the contractor’s quality plan and quality control procedures and regimes.

Specific duties with respect to electrical works:

·           Provide necessary on-site project monitoring including factory acceptance tests (based on documents) on electrical components;

·           Review protection requirements and verify that the EPC contractor ensures that the appropriate equipment is procured and installed in accordance with these requirements;

·           Ensure that the contractor progresses the design and implementation of the site electrical infrastructure works and monitor the design, manufacture, delivery, installation and commissioning of the infrastructure by the contractor in accordance with the requirements of the contract specifications including factory acceptance testing as necessary;

·           Review and monitor the execution of the contractor’s quality plan and quality control procedures concerning the electrical works. Review the draft switching schedules, electrical operating procedures and site safety rules for commissioning and subsequent operation of the Project for approval, adoption and implementation by the Customer;

·           Review and monitor the commissioning program and procedures, safety procedures and controls before energization of the site electrical infrastructure and the PV modules;

·           Monitor liaison between the EPC contractor and Customer about acceptance of the on-site connection and substation and coordinate the interface between the contractor and the Customer up until the expiry of the term of the contract.

Specific duties concerning PV modules:

·           Monitor the progress of the EPC contractor to ensure that the PV modules are delivered, installed and commissioned in accordance with the EPC contract;

·           Witnessing, overseeing and reporting to the Customer on the construction, installation, testing and commissioning of the Project;

·           Undertake a high-level visual inspection of a sample of PV modules immediately before energization to determine as far as reasonably practicable its fitness for energization and report to the Customer and the contractor any outstanding works, defects or deficiencies and progress completion of remedial works as necessary;

·           Due to the large number of PV modules to be installed, select a representative sample of modules for a visual inspection (50%), and the review of the flash tests for all the PV modules supplied to the projects;

·           Ensure the SCADA is fully functional and accessible from remote locations;

·           Review performance tests (carried out in the factory) certificates.

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