Our group of professionals and experts are dedicated to providing comprehensive services and expertise in various areas of water management.


Here is a concise overview of what our experts do:

ü  Water Pumping and Distribution Networking: Our experts offer consultation and expertise in designing efficient water pumping systems and distribution networks. Our experts analyze hydraulic characteristics, assess infrastructure needs, and provide recommendations for optimizing water flow, minimizing energy consumption, and reducing system losses.

ü  Energy Efficiency in Water: Our experts focus on promoting energy-efficient practices in water management. Our experts assess water treatment and distribution processes, identify energy-intensive areas, and propose strategies to optimize energy usage. Our experts aim to minimize energy consumption and lower operational costs while maintaining reliable water supply.

ü  Non-Revenue Water: Our experts specialize in addressing non-revenue water, which refers to water lost or unaccounted for in the distribution system. Our experts employ advanced techniques and technologies to detect leaks, improve metering accuracy, and enhance water management practices, resulting in reduced water loss and improved revenue collection.

ü  Wastewater Management: Our experts provide expertise in wastewater treatment and management, aiming to protect the environment and public health. Our experts offer guidance on treatment technologies, process optimization, and regulatory compliance. Our experts promote sustainable practices for wastewater reuse and resource recovery, contributing to a circular economy approach.

ü  Desalination: Our experts offer consultation and technical expertise in desalination, the process of converting seawater or brackish water into freshwater. Our experts evaluate desalination technologies, assess feasibility, and provide guidance on system design, operational efficiency, and environmental considerations.


Our group of professors and experts in water management brings extensive knowledge, experience, and dedication to the field. Our experts are committed to addressing water challenges, improving efficiency, and promoting sustainable practices in water pumping, distribution, energy usage, non-revenue water reduction, wastewater management, and desalination.